Friday, December 17, 2010

My Brothers

My Brother Jordan...

And My brother Brock... (the one with the beard)

I have some great brothers. I talked to both of them today. It is neat to do that and rekindle our relationship. They live so far from me. I wish they lived down the street from me and I would make them both a yummy lunch for their birthdays. Maybe one day they will live down the street from me (I can dream). Both brock and jordan were good examples to me growing up. Now that I know what this world can be like. I know what an amazing award they should get for doing this. They also made me aware of their love for me. They treated me pretty darn good for a little sister.

Let me see if I can find any pictures of them. Happy Birthday to my brothers! Brock is 16 years older than me and Jordan is 8 years older.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A fun song

What would I do without jeff. He keeps me grounded to reality over and over. Jeff and I have always generally had the same taste in music. I didn't appreciate some of his... for example BYU Mens Choir. He has always listened to it, and I have always wanted to turn it off. But now I have finally began liking it. Listen to this........http//
I like to dance with peter to this very song.

Jeff will have to keep trying to get me to like all of his Ryan Shupe and They Might Be Giants.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween items of business

Cole's preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch.
This is his class along with his teacher. Cole insisted being on her lap, even though she already had 2 kids on her lap and she is pregnant. We will work with cole later on the social norms of society.
Ben didn't have any school this week, so he was able to tag along.

Prepare yourself for this....
Peter smiled at jeff once he took off this mask.

We did the Trunk or Treat at our church parking lot. We were done in 30 minutes. When we got home I paid the boys 5 cents for each candy they would sell to me. Jakey got $1.15 and Ben got $1.30. And we are sending the candy they sold to me to jeff's classroom for student prize stuff.

Jengofet, power ranger, tiger, and bumble bee (maybe I was a bee keeper at after work hours)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Legos are taking over our house

Cole enjoys peter's toys more than peter. But as you might see from the picture how peter's expression is pretty smug. He thinks he is hot stuff.
Cole is really being good to peter, and if peter has something that Cole wants, Cole will trade him for it. What a deal.

Ben turned 6 years old! He got a nerf gun from his parents, a lego star wars shirt form his brothers, and a lego set from his grandma and grandpa stout, and some devil cereal from his Aunt jenny. Ben was very very satisfied with his presents. Even though the nerf gun has already been put up high, because ben was playing with it when he was supposed to be in bed asleep.

Jacob our cub scout!
These boys just mean the world to me. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them. I tell the boys,"If I didn't have you I would do this... " I start shaking uncontrollably, and pretend I am shrivelling up. Yes, they have a weird mother.

Peter, Peter, Peter. His hair just keeps getting longer and standing straight up. It may need a hair cut very soon.

I was so happy, when I turned the corner and found this...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I guess peter is sad his brothers have gone back to school... now he is lonely.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of summer? NOOoooo

I am so ready for some sort of a schedule. But how can I go back to the same old routine of waking up, cleaning, nursing, cooking, rocking, nursing, cleaning, and cooking?
I would like to have a clean house again, and I do appreciate the moments of sitting down and nursing baby peter.
I hope I can keep up with everything. You all do it everyday.
Some goals I have are to go to bed earlier, try to keep the dishes done, and walking everyday.
Looking at that last sentence I just typed, makes me sound pathetic. Those are just a few of the struggles I have that need improving. I am also planning on sleep training peter sometime in the next few weeks. It just depends when I will reach breaking point.
Good luck to the rest of you!

Peter is so lucky, All of his brothers love him.

Camping with the Russon Family

Peter usually has this expression

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nat and Jason come

This is Peter's fist johny jump up experience! He liked it at first.

Me and my Peteristic Avenue Bar!
Jason and Jacob looking down into this cauldron of water. Right after I took this picture, some guy jumped right into it. It startled me... wondering if he was going to turn into a vegetable from breaking his neck and having to just lay in bed for the rest of his life from having his brain die.
BUT, the guy just swam out of it and did it again.

While nat and jason visited, I found out, once again.. they are perfect for each other.


Cole liked his Jason.

My sisters mean a lot to me. They had a big part in why I am the way I am. But they are not at fault for me being goofy like I am. I would like to think I did choose my brothers and sisters in heaven. I think I am pretty darn good friends with all of them. Even though I haven't seen my brother jordan since May of 2007. I hope to one day see him again and get closer once again.
I was spoiled having each of them as my big brothers and sisters, even though jordan gave me a few dead arms. And emily would make me so mad I would do my "scary person" wanting to hit her but stopping just a quarter of an inch away. They have always respected me, and let me be part of them. Love you

Saturday, July 31, 2010


These are the Russon boys as of just a few days ago.

We have had fun having my parents visiting and taking them around vancouver and battle ground to see the beauty. We had so much fun, that the time just flew by. The boys were eating up all the extra special attention. They really become so much happier after spending time with their grandparents. Just plain mom and dad are not enough.
This picture is at the Columbia River on the Vancouver side.

Peter has such knowing eyes... he is 3 months old here

There is a blueberry picking site just a couple minutes drive down our road. We ate and ate and ate them and froze probably 4 pounds of them as well.

This is at Battle Ground Lake -Hiking

Peter has started pulling himself up here in his swing... peter doesn't miss a beat!

beauty boy!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Going away from Green

This picture is supposed to look like a luscious beautiful greeneried garden. But instead, it doesn't. My 3 year old, Cole, decided to get a pair of scissors and snip snip snip at it. Cutting down most every leaf and stem. Some of the plants may revive, but others have no hope.
I still like cole though.
I have many of these stories, one time 15 month old Ben threw a can of corn at my head while I was laying down, and split it open really bad. I still liked him afterward too.
I love my boys, so they better love me!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer of the monkeys Russon style

It is now summer time, it feels like it too! Jeff is off for the next couple months. Now I don't find myself in this chair as often, but I find myself still not taking advantage of the little extra time I have. I still squander it on talking jeff's ears off. We have some project planned for this summer, and my parents will be coming to stay with us for 10 days. Maybe that is the boost I need to stop squandering my time, and to get to work.
-Peter thingy is really growing, infact he is over 100th percentile in his weight. Proof that he is spoiled.
-Jacob keeps getting all these calls from friends from his class at school. I guess they don't have 3 younger brothers to play with them like Jacob has.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peteristic Avenue Bar

This is where all the milk has gone to.... In order younger pictures first

Had to throw this one in...

Mother's Day

Sunday, April 25, 2010

For the birth story kind of people

It was a rainy night, not saying too much since that is normal around here. Jeff and Gina finally got into bed with the light out at 11pm. And at midnight gina felt her water break. Gina knew for sure it was time to go to the hospital. Jeff got out of bed and called Ken and Jan to come over. They didn't answer the first time, but thankfully they came as fast as they could. Gina's contractions quickly got stronger and closer together. They got to the hospital by 12:45. Gina was dilated to a 4, so the nurses were not too worried. Once they got Gina into a delivery bed, they asked if she wanted an epidural. Gina said yes, but would have to wait 20 minutes. The contractions were getting very close and very very strong. After a few contractions, gina let the nurse know that the last one made her want to push. So the nurse checked to see what Gina was dilated too. It was a nine. There would be no epidural...They paged the doctor. The doctor got there, got ready and Gina started to push with the next contraction. She pushed twice and baby peter was out. This was very different since all of gina's other deliveries were with epidurals. Baby peter was born at 1:42 am. Just under an hour of being at the hospital. Thankfully at the hospital.

It was April 21st which was Peter's original due date. Grandma Stout says, "Peter likes to keep a schedule!"
Peter weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces, and 19 1/2 inches long. He really knows how to nurse very very well. ANd We will see if Gina will ever be the same again. Until then...