Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seattle Trip

We went to Seattle, just the 2 of us. Yes, we did miss the boys. One time I saw a dad get mad at his 4is little boy. The boy looked sad, and I immediately thought of Ben. Why would that make me think of ben? It is because it gives me guilt for getting angry with him. I even thought of Jakey while watching Harry Potter, we missed them, but we knew they were in good hands with jeff's brother and his wife (craig and tiffany).
One of my favorite things we did was while we were driving up, jeff retold the story from one of the books he had just read. So it taught me once again that I don't have to do the fancy things in life to have fun.
I always have fun adventures with Jeff, we laugh and talk and I tease him.
So this is how it went, except for backwards.....

This is at the famous Pikes Fish Market. We saw them throwing the fish to each other, what a show.

This is the view from the Space Needle of Seattle.
This is us eating on the space needle. We revolved 360 degrees while eating. We saw the view of the Puget Sound and Seattle.

THe Space Needle

This is by the restaurant we ate at.

Eating dinner with an old friend from Tooele, UT. Valerie was up for a teachers training conference.

A little hike we did at Discovery park after we had our picnic

Picnic at Discovery Park

Light house at Discovery park

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I like my family

Yesterday we went to the Vancouver North Stake Pioneer Day Celebration, Jakey stood in line for most of the time to get his face painted. There is always a yummy yummy BBQ (Mainly because I like hamburgers with lots of onions, tomatoes and lettuce).
This past week we went and explored the Columbia River. It was like a 30 minute drive. There was a little hands on museum there, pretty good stuff to see. Then we walked down to the river. We knew it was pretty clean water, since this past school year, jeff's class took a field trip down to the river and tested the water. It had good results. Every time a boat would go by the waves would get really strong, Cole almost was taken away (not really, but maybe). We learned that next time we will bring a change of clothes and towels. And sunscreen. And something to sit on.

This is just an update on our garden. This is the first picture we took on Memorial Day.
Next is the picture I took this past week. It has really become animalistic. The Tomato plant has become the king dominator of the one box. The Zucchini plant has become the king dominator of the other box. We have basically been very blessed with this garden, we are very grateful!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No, we are not running a day care

Good old fashioned fun, is what happens when family is around. Jeff's sister Jenny and her girls have been staying with us and we have really enjoyed it. I have decided jenny brings the silly little girl out of me.

So this is what it has been like at our house.

Friday, July 10, 2009

This is a picture of the drive to Lucia Falls.

Jeff and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary! We just kept saying to each other... "8 years!"

It isn't 15 years or 45, but it sure is jam packed full of memories and special meaning for the 2 of us. I have always felt marriage is such a special thing. I resent the saying that it is a ball and chain. I feel that it is such a neat relationship to have with your best friend.

I just keep getting stronger and stronger assurance that jeff was meant for me, good thing huh?

Our marriage is not perfect. We stumble, but we manage to grow each time, I am so grateful for jeff.

This is what we did for our anniversary. We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, then to Lucia Falls (beautiful) then did some deal finding grocery shopping. We want to take our boys back to the water fall. They would love it.