Monday, January 25, 2010

catch up... practically ketchup

Life at the peanut factory is still in production. We still have 3 silly boys. Good news is that Cole has started excepting baby peter coming into our family. What a relief.
Ben still says the funniest things. And Jacob still keeps creating more and more artistic work.

Cole had his birthday, he turned 3. I was planning on making whatever cake pleased my desires, until Ben put it into Cole's mind that he should have a teddy bear cake. That is all Cole kept talking about... so... that is what I had to do. At least it wasn't a demolition derby bear!

Inspecting his cake, he was pleased

Jakey made Cole this crown, He really went to a lot of work. Cole liked it. But according to jacob's hurt feelings, Cole didn't like it enough.

I have been wanting to take a picture of this tree that is in our front yard. Buds sprouting in January!!!!

And a long time desired project we finally did, paint our bedroom. This is the before picture and then the after pictures. I hope you can tell a difference, or we went to a lot of work for nothing. But I am pretty sure that you can tell a difference. I feel like I sleep in a palace now.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in a whirl

It started with Ben's preschool program. He is dressed as a Christmas tree.

Then we said Merry Christmas to our Russon Family, who we would not be with for Christmas, because we were leaving town for Utah to be with the Stout family. Ken and Jan are dressed up for their ward Christmas party. I think they fixed themselves up great!
We started the drive.... passing beautiful scenery in Oregon.

The boys were very well behaved, for the 14 hour drive!

We met the Stout family at Pirates Cove, we ate pizza and played games. Cole wasn't too sure about this scary scenery.

We hung out with some old friends, brent and laila. Dance Revolution.

We spent lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa Stout. We missed them.

We came back home to Washington after Christmas, and enjoyed the last few days of vacation. The boys said goodbye to their gingerbread houses. .... but we did take a picture. As you can see, cole is quite upset with the news that it was time to throw out his house.

New Years Eve, making 7 layer dip.

New Years Day, playing with all the cousins.