Thursday, July 28, 2011

this week from a "week"ling

I have been very lonely this week. Jeff has been gone to our stake youth trek since early tuesday morning. And I am pretty sure he won't get back until late saturday. The boys make the time fly by. I don't really think I needed to learn the lesson of how special jeff is to me, and to not take him for granted, or how much I need him, or how much he does for me. I already knew all of that. He really spoils me. He really has my back, even though his life is hectic and busy. Getting ready for this trek, like it is every time for every stake that has ever done it, is a huge ordeal. It is almost like you are sick of trek before you even go on it. But once there and afterward, it is amazing and you are glad you did it. Jeff and I and good old brother macdonald cut out 300 pieces of leather, for these youth. Jeff got a thumb injury and it broke my favorite pair of scissors. I wish I was there to see what the outcome of these leather pieces (journals) had. So in a nutshell, I like jeff, I can't wait till he comes home, I hope I get to go on trek next time, and I should have went this time. I just couldn't stand the thought of leaving peter that long. (what a little wingle-hopper of cuteness).