Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tongue twister

I have decided that life is much more fulfilling when I do things that I don't want to do, that I should do. And life is not very fulfilling when I do things I want to do, that I shouldn't be doing.

Now maybe for some people this may not be true, and that is because they are doing the things that they should do and that is what they want to do.

Does this sound like I am trying to write a tongue twister?

What is fulfilling? When my children are happy, when I spend time talking with them, and when I accomplish something. Pardon me for making this sound like spending time with my children is not something I want to do. I do want to do it, but many times I can't bring myself to doing it, because the world is in the way... ie: facebook, tv, my blog?, and others.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Since last year we have planned on building raised beds in our yard to plant a garden. It always seemed like the next planting season was so far away. But it crept up on us, and we turned it into a stressful situation like we do with most things. We finally did it this past week and put in our garden. I can not say enough about how good it made me feel. I felt like I could have done pretty well in the 1700's after all! We really worked ourselves hard on Friday and Saturday morning to finish the job. Then I decided to clean up the garage a bit. And it seemed like more and more projects kept surfacing in a domino affect like manner. It boiled down to our water barrels and containers that have not been filled with water since we have moved. We finally brought ourselves to cleaning them out and filling them up. We looked like the crazy neighbors with all these brightly colored barrels on our front lawn. In Utah, people would not have thought very much about it, but here, everyone gave us the quizzical look of, "What on earth are you doing?"

Well, getting these 2 major projects done has left me with such a provident feeling, it is such a relief! I feel like I have not accomplished anything all winter, and have left it all up to one weekend. No wonder my fingernails were so healthy and long up until today.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Curtain Picture

This is a picture of the curtain I made. I did not make the topper, I have had that there for a long time. I made the bottom. It isn't anything fancy. It is quite simple. From the picture it doesn't look like it matches, but in person it looks much better, at least for my taste.

Thank you Sharesa for the curtain info deal!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Make curtains? or Buy curtains?

Jeff and Jakey and Ben all went to the father and sons camp out. Each year Ben gets lost. I know that sounds great! Other than that they had a great time.

I stayed home with Cole and we went on walks, played outside, and I sewed Cole's curtains. Cole was sleeping while I did the curtains. He has been waking up so early in the morning that I thought curtains would really help... It helped by 30 minutes longer of sleep. Woo hoo!

I always reflect on my ancestors and how they did it. How did they get their kids to sleep well? How did they get all the things done each day that they had to do? Many times I have been in the middle of doing something and I imagine my Grandma up in heaven shaking her head, and sometimes I know she is smiling. While I was making those curtains, I know she was smiling and shaking her head at the same time. She was a wonderful seamstress.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


My mom is such a neat lady. She just wants to do what is right. Growing up I loved to feel my mother's love. I remember on so many occasions of feeling sad and my mom just taking the time to sit with me and hold me and sing or buoy me up until I felt better again. Being a mom myself, I know what time is taken to do such a thing.

These are some things my mother has taught me:

to love warmth

to look around and be sensitive to those around me

to have good taste in food

to work until the job is done

to work my hardest

to do a job with only my best work

to be sensitive to the spirit

to do what is asked of me

how to be a wife and mother

to have a husband for a best friend

to hike

to garden (even though I don't remember all of it)

to be independent (sometimes I am not the best at it)

There are so many more. One thing that has always stuck with me, was one time when I didn't have a ride to work when I was 16. My mom told me to ride the bus. I did NOT want to do that. I didn't know how to do it, I was scared to do it and was afraid of it. My mom said, "Gina, we need to do something hard everyday." I knew she was right. I have always kept this lesson with me ever since. And I have to say, it helped me when I had to do hard things. Hard things help us grow.