Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer of the Monkeys

This is a picture of peter in his burned hand bandage, He had to wear that for a while, then he had a bandaid on his head from another incident. I just thought how pathetic he looked, so I took his picture.

Jeff went on our stake youth trek. When he came back, I could not recognize him.
Cole made this teddy bear rock creation. Can you see how he made a body for his teddy bear's head?
Our Pathetic Thingy. That is said with much adoration and love.
Natalie and Jason came and visited us. It was their anniversary, and I didn't even say happy anniversary!!!! Darn. Isn't my sister a beauty!!! She is very nice to me. And Jason too. He tried to help Jeff fix one of our lights, it has some sort of short in it.