Saturday, July 31, 2010


These are the Russon boys as of just a few days ago.

We have had fun having my parents visiting and taking them around vancouver and battle ground to see the beauty. We had so much fun, that the time just flew by. The boys were eating up all the extra special attention. They really become so much happier after spending time with their grandparents. Just plain mom and dad are not enough.
This picture is at the Columbia River on the Vancouver side.

Peter has such knowing eyes... he is 3 months old here

There is a blueberry picking site just a couple minutes drive down our road. We ate and ate and ate them and froze probably 4 pounds of them as well.

This is at Battle Ground Lake -Hiking

Peter has started pulling himself up here in his swing... peter doesn't miss a beat!

beauty boy!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Going away from Green

This picture is supposed to look like a luscious beautiful greeneried garden. But instead, it doesn't. My 3 year old, Cole, decided to get a pair of scissors and snip snip snip at it. Cutting down most every leaf and stem. Some of the plants may revive, but others have no hope.
I still like cole though.
I have many of these stories, one time 15 month old Ben threw a can of corn at my head while I was laying down, and split it open really bad. I still liked him afterward too.
I love my boys, so they better love me!