Sunday, April 25, 2010

For the birth story kind of people

It was a rainy night, not saying too much since that is normal around here. Jeff and Gina finally got into bed with the light out at 11pm. And at midnight gina felt her water break. Gina knew for sure it was time to go to the hospital. Jeff got out of bed and called Ken and Jan to come over. They didn't answer the first time, but thankfully they came as fast as they could. Gina's contractions quickly got stronger and closer together. They got to the hospital by 12:45. Gina was dilated to a 4, so the nurses were not too worried. Once they got Gina into a delivery bed, they asked if she wanted an epidural. Gina said yes, but would have to wait 20 minutes. The contractions were getting very close and very very strong. After a few contractions, gina let the nurse know that the last one made her want to push. So the nurse checked to see what Gina was dilated too. It was a nine. There would be no epidural...They paged the doctor. The doctor got there, got ready and Gina started to push with the next contraction. She pushed twice and baby peter was out. This was very different since all of gina's other deliveries were with epidurals. Baby peter was born at 1:42 am. Just under an hour of being at the hospital. Thankfully at the hospital.

It was April 21st which was Peter's original due date. Grandma Stout says, "Peter likes to keep a schedule!"
Peter weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces, and 19 1/2 inches long. He really knows how to nurse very very well. ANd We will see if Gina will ever be the same again. Until then...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello, this is gina speaking... maybe too much speaking

This past bit, we have done projects and been lazy. I guess it evens out a bit. This past week was our spring break. We would accomplish some and play some. We flew a kite with the boys, on the only day that was nice weather out of 9 days. It just rained and poured the rest of the time. We went to Goodwill and bought a bunch of puzzles to do together as a family. The boys really enjoyed the 100-200 piece puzzles. Then we stepped up to 500 pieces and they struggled a bit, but when we did out 1000 piecer Ben said, "A kid can't even do this, this is too hard!"
He said this with a scowl.
We also went to the Life of Christ display that the Vancouver West Stake puts on. We had a good easter and we had a good General Conference. I learned in General Conference that doing my job as a mother is no duty to shirk. It seemed I learned that through several talks.
We had a thanksgiving feast for Easter Dinner. It was yums. Jenny bought lots of the ingredients and we had her over to eat it all. Being 8 months pregnant I kept thinking, my time is really not going to let me do extravagant meals when baby peter comes. This thought comes to my mind with many things. While I am laying down, while I am eating, while I am going to the bathroom, when I am doing the dishes, laundry, and with a lot of my OCD's.
At least I am being realistic now, right? Maybe hopefully somehow I will be pleasantly surprised. I don't know if any of this makes sense. Don't let it boggle your mind.

Jacob made this lego thing, made the paper word for it, and took the picture. This is what he did while we were working in the yard.
Cole doing cole like things as usual.... I really like a cole.

These are pictures of the Life of Christ displays. They have a children's activity room. Ben really enjoyed grinding the wheat, and Jacob ventured to dress up.

These pictures were taken at Jeff's school. Jacob had no school the friday before spring break started, so we all took lunch to jeff's classroom and ate it with him. It was rather fun. Mr. Schomer asked me what the special occasion was, and I said, "We got to do fun things while we can (before the baby comes)"

After lunch we stayed to meet the kids in Jeff's class. They really enjoyed showering Jacob, Ben and Cole with attention. It really surprised me that the boys seemed more maternal and affectionate with our boys than the girls did.