Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zip (has nothing to do with this post)

I was working outside one saturday, jakey was supposed to be out helping me. So I went in to explain to him that he needed to be out helping us. I walked in the house, and this is what was layed out on the table... It was the hundredth day of school the coming monday and to jakey it is like a holiday. He did the weed flowers and the paper and the set up all himself. It was hard to get after him for not being outside helping us after seeing that.

This is at the park in our neighborhood. Ben tried and tried for a while to hit the ball at the board and to be able to hit it again.

Cole doing cole like things once again

Great news. FOr the past month and a half jeff has been using a pedometer to track how many steps he takes each day. All of the teachers were given one at his school, and they were having a race to 504,800 steps. Jeff won! So he will receive a 50 dollar fredmyer card.
This is a picture of jakey using an old pedometer we had to track his steps. He really got into it too.

Ben's wrestling tournament. Ben had 2 matches. The first one was clearly bigger than he was. And the second one (the one in these pictures) is his size. Yet the second boy he wrestled not only won ben, but he ended up winning the whole thing. Isn't that interesting. BUt ben was such a good sport. He tried his hardest. And he seemed to have a smile on his face throughout the whole thing. He did enjoy it. He liked getting a medal at the end.

This picture is for you Momzy! I am what I am.